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Search Guidance

We have built a simple to use search function to help you locate records but don’t know how to use it? Well here is some helpful tips to get you going.



This field is for searching a particular individual (English name only)

Name #2

This field is for searching a particular individual in their country’s native language e.g.the Japanese form or Chinese form of the name.  


If you know the MMIR (Marine Mammal Inventory Report) ID, you can search for an individual using this field. The ID usually starts with NOA, UNK or FOR.   


You can use this field to search for any other known ID(s), this include current or previous facility IDs or if they have a Wild ID, you can find them through this field.


Individuals that live in a facility registered with AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) or JAZA (Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums) are given unique AZA or JAZA numbers. If you know this, you can search individuals using this field.


The Status relates to if an individual is still Alive, Deceased, Escaped or was Released, just select which one you require or if unsure, leave as default “Any”

Entry Type

The entry type relates to if an individual is was captured, rescued, captive born, unknown to us or is part of the wild community. If you are unsure, leave as default “Any”


Use this field to search for a particular species.


The gender field relates to if an individual is still Male, Female or currently unknown to us, just select which one you require or if unsure, leave as default “Any”

Last Location

Last location is the last known facility an individual was recorded at. This can be their current home facility or where they died. Just type in a facility or part of a facility’s name.

Word of warning! If you search just for “SeaWorld”, you will get all the facilities with the name “SeaWorld” in the title so best refer to Facility List to confirm which SeaWorld you would like to search for.


As many individuals are moved on several occasions, you can search for historical residents at a particular facility to see who lived there at any given time. This will also include the current or last known facility.

An example would be how many, or who lived at any given time at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

We are not able to narrow down historical locations to a time period at a specific park however we are working on this feature.

Year into Captivity 

This the year an individual entered captivity. This could have been either through a rescue, capture or was born into captivity.

Date of Departure

This the year an individual left captivity or the confirmed death date for a wild cetacean. For captives, this could have been either through a release, escaped or died in captivity.

Age at Departure

This the age or estimated age an individual left captivity or died in the wild. This could either be in hours, days, months or years; or a combination of all four.

Country of Origin

Where the individual originated from.

Mother & Father

These fields, you can search for the individual’s mother or father. Although be careful, there are many dolphins named the same. Unless the name is unique, I advise you check the mother or father’s history to confirm if you have the correct parents for an individual.


This field mainly relates to wild cetaceans but it is the field related to the group an individual is associated with. For example, you can search for all the individuals in the J17 matriline.

If you are trying to locate a particular facility, please use our Facility List to find what you are looking for.

If you think a specific field would be useful to have on the search tool, let us know and we will add it.