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SeaWorld Orlando

Current Residents

SpeciesNameGenderYear InMotherFather
Pilot Whale Ace Male 2012
Bottlenose Dolphin Ariel Female 1992
Beluga Aurek Male 2003
Orca Katina Female 1978
Beluga Naluark Male 1992
Bottlenose Dolphin Oscar Male 1998
Bottlenose Dolphin Jag Male 2000
Bottlenose Dolphin Tiger Male 2000
Bottlenose Dolphin Alpha Female 2002
Bottlenose Dolphin Yar Female 2003

Deceased Residents

SpeciesNameGenderYear InYear of DepartureMotherFather
False Killer Whale Jozu Female 1994
Orca Nootka IV Female 1982
Orca Tilikum Male 1983
Bottlenose Dolphin Hekili Male 1989
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin X Unknown 2012
Bottlenose Dolphin Old Spit Female 1972
Bottlenose Dolphin Hekili Male 1989
Bottlenose Dolphin Hekili Male 1989
Bottlenose Dolphin Nemo Male 1993
Bottlenose Dolphin NoE Male 1993

Status Unknown

SpeciesNameGenderYear InYear of DepartureMotherFather
Pilot Whale X Female 2011
Bottlenose Dolphin SWF-TT-1604B Male 2016
Spinner Dolphin X Unknown 2016
False Killer Whale X Female 1994

Historical Residents

SpeciesNameNative NameGenderYear InYear of DepartureLocationStatusMotherFather
Orca Taku - Male 1993 SeaWorld San Antonio Deceased Link Text Link Text


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