Orca Captures & Rescues

Orca captures began in the mid 1960’s with the accidental live capture of Moby Doll in the United States. Once people learned that orcas could be tamed and trained, it became very popular since 1964 – 1976 in United States, 1976 – 1989 for Iceland, and more recently since 2010, Russia. 

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DateLocationMethodNo. TakenNo. DiedNo. Released / Escaped
Nov 1961Newport HarbourSeine Netted100
Jun 1964Saturna IslandHarpooned100
Feb 1965Puget SoundHarpooned001
Jun 1965Warrior CoveAccidental101
Oct 1965Carr InletSeine Netted1113
Jan 1966Penn CoveSeine Netted001
Jan 1966Port MadisonSeine Netted006 - 8
Jul 1966StevestonSeine Netted010
Feb 1967Yukon HarborSeine Netted530
Mar 1967Vaughn BaySeine Netted1010
Jul 1967Port HardyAccidental100
Feb 1968Pender HarborSeine Netted001
Mar 1968Vaughn BaySeine Netted1010
May 1968Pender HarborSeine Netted601
Jul 1968Malcolm IslandAccidental1010
Oct 1968Yukon HarborSeine Netted5020 - 28
Apr 1969Carr InletSeine Netted209
Sep 1969Haro StraitHoop-Netted010
Oct 1969Penn CoveSeine Netted016 - 8
Dec 1969Pender HarborSeine Netted606
Feb 1970Carr InletSeine Netted105
Mar 1970 Pedder BaySeine Netted302
Aug 1970Port MadisonStranded100
Aug 1970Penn CoveSeine Netted7469
Aug 1971Penn CoveSeine Netted3012 - 21
Nov 1971Carr InletSeine Netted2017
Mar 1972Carr InletSeine Netted108 - 10
Mar 1973Ocean CityStranded100
Aug 1973Pedder BaySeine Netted301
Aug 1975Pedder BaySeine Netted204
Mar 1976Budd InletSeine Netted006
Aug 1978Menzies BayRescued100
Jun 2002ManchesterRescued001
[fruitful_tab title=”Iceland”]
DateLocationMethodNo. TakenNo. DiedNo. Released / Escaped
Oct 1974South EastAccidental001
Oct 1976Medalland BugtSeine Netted304
Oct 1977IngolfshöfdiSeine Netted1400
Oct 1978SkardsfjaraSeine Netted300
Oct 1978TviskerSeine Netted100
Oct 1978Medalland BugtSeine Netted000
Oct 1978South EastSeine Netted100
Nov 1978IngolfshöfdiSeine Netted403
Jul 1979Malarrif
Seine Netted100
Oct 1979IngolfshöfdiSeine Netted100
Nov 1979Medalland BugtSeine Netted100
Nov 1979IngolfshöfdiSeine Netted200
Oct 1980AlvidraSeine Netted101
Oct 1980ReydarfjördurSeine Netted400
Oct 1981AlvidraSeine Netted200
Oct 1981Selvogsbanki
Seine Netted401
Oct 1982StokkseyriSeine Netted200
Oct 1982HéraösflóiSeine Netted300
Nov 1983JökulsáSeine Netted200
Nov 1983TogiSeine Netted100
Nov 1984ReydarfjördurSeine Netted500
Oct 1987Seydisfjördur
Seine Netted400
Oct 1989HornafjördurSeine Netted400
[fruitful_tab title=”Japan”]
DateLocationMethodNo. TakenNo. DiedNo. Released / Escaped
Aug 1972AbashiriHarpooned100
Dec 1978TaijiHarpooned100
Feb 1979TaijiHerded & Netted500
Feb 1982TaijiHerded & Netted302
Oct 1985TaijiHerded & Netted202
Oct 1986TaijiHarpooned100
Feb 1997HatarjiHerded & Netted505
Feb 2006KatsuuraRescued100
[fruitful_tab title=”Russia”]
DateLocationMethodNo. TakenNo. DiedNo. Released / Escaped
Sep 2003Sea of OkhostkSeine Netted1111
Jul 2010Sea of OkhostkSeine Netted101
Aug 2012Reineke IslandSeine Netted101
Aug 2013Sea of OkhostkSeine Netted3??
Jul 2014Sea of OkhostkSeine Netted5??
Jul 2015Sea of OkhostkSeine Netted400
Aug-17 2018Sea of OkhostkSeine Netted210
[fruitful_tab title=”Other”]
DateLocationMethodNo. TakenNo. DiedNo. Released / Escaped
Jan 1988Samborom BayStranded100
Sep 1992Bay of MantanchénStranded200
Apr 2007MexicoStranded100
Jun 2010Wadden SeaStranded100
Aug 2016TaurangaStranded100


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