Our Team

Cetacean Cousins has a hard working team of volunteers that spend hours to deliver a high quality website. 

We sadly said goodbye to one of our founders, Virginia back in 2015 who decided to focus on her PhD and we wish her all the luck.

We also cannot have done the site without Nadwad who has supported us over the past several years.

If you wish to join the team, drop us an email today! volunteer@cetacousin.org


Gina – BSc (Hons)

Gina has been the back bone to Cetacean Cousins and rock that which Cetacean Cousins rose from. With a passion for Cetaceans since the age of 3, the website has become a heavy part of her life.





Bernardo – BSc (Hons)

Bernardo joined the team in 2014 and has been a great assist to the team. With his dedication in the captive database and accuracy to detail, we would not have such a detailed site if it wasn’t for him.





Michael joined the team in late 2016. From a young age he’s had an interest in zoological facilities and cetaceans as a whole and because of this, he’s been researching and visiting aquariums for years. Michael’s contributes to Cetacean Cousins mainly focus on researching upcoming facilities, news reporting, and graphic design.