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SeaWorld San Diego

Current Residents

SpeciesNameGenderYear InMotherFather
Bottlenose Dolphin Cometta Female 1986
Orca Shouka Female 1993
Beluga Klondike Male 2002
Pilot Whale Argo Male 2004
Bottlenose Dolphin Razzle Male 1989
Orca Corky II Female 1969
Bottlenose Dolphin Crunch Male 1982
Orca Nakai Male 2001
Bottlenose Dolphin Corona Female 2000
Orca Ikaika Male 2002

Deceased Residents

SpeciesNameGenderYear InYear of DepartureMotherFather
Pilot Whale Sully Male 2009
Pilot Whale Sully Male 2009
Pilot Whale Sully Male 2009
Bottlenose Dolphin SWC-TT-7602 Male 1949
Orca Bjossa Female 1980
Bottlenose Dolphin Atilla Female 1980
Bottlenose Dolphin Seltzer Female 1985
Beluga Kojak Male 1975
Beluga Sikku Female 1987
Common Dolphin Cooper Male 1986

Status Unknown

SpeciesNameGenderYear InYear of DepartureMotherFather
False Killer Whale Asia Female 1989
Pacific White Sided Dolphin George Male ?
Unknown Samson Unknown ?
Unknown Scylla Unknown ?
Pilot Whale X Male 1982
Bottlenose Dolphin X Unknown 2015
Unknown Gigi Female 1977
Commerson Dolphin X Male 1990
Beluga Nanook Unknown ?
Beluga X Female 1985

Historical Residents



Currently Under Development